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Manta 40 Manta 40

2 December, 2012 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

This Boat is ready to cruise!!
Absolutely loaded!! all the gear you can think of…and already in the Caribbean !!!!

Equipment on Board:

Anchoring 1 Anchor Line – 150ft
Anchoring 1 Anchor Line – 300ft
Anchoring 1 “anchor lines for anchors located on
radar arch”
Anchoring 1 Fortress FX-23 Anchor w/ 125′ line Fortress
Anchoring 1 Line w/ ring
Anchoring 1 Windlass Manual wrench
Anchoring 1 Windlass Remote Control Quick (West Marine) HRC1002 ((# removed))
Cabin 4 Hammocks – Gear White
Cabin 1 pkg Shower Rings
Charts Paper Charts
Cordage rope/line (small – various sizes)
Covers 1 Fiberglass Wand – extra Blac
Deck Hardware 8 Scupper Valves White Ring/Blk Rubber SeaChoice 18261
Deck Hardware 6 Scupper Valves White Ring/White Rubber 6160
Deck Hardware 1 bag Winch (Electric) spare seals O-Ring & Lip Seal Harken
Deck Hardware 2 Winch rebuild Kit Harken
Dinghy 2 Air Pumps – Manual – dinghy
Dinghy 1 Clutch Lever Suzuki DF15 Suzuki (# removed)0
Dinghy 1 Dinghy Light – aft (white)
Dinghy 1 Dinghy Light – fore (red/green)
Dinghy 1 Flush Attachment Suzuki DF15 Suzuki (# removed)0
Dinghy 5 Fuel Filter – inline Suzuki DF15 Bosch / TVI
Dinghy 1 Impeller – Dinghy Outboard Suzuki DF15 Suzuki
Dinghy 1 Propeller Suzuki DF15 Suzuki
Dinghy 1 bag Propeller Nut Kit Suzuki DF15 Suzuki (# removed)0
Dinghy 2 Pull Plugs 1″ 1″ SeaChoice
Dinghy 2 Spark Plugs – Suzuki Motor Suzuki DF15 NKG DCPR6E
Dinghy 1 Towing Bridle for Dinghy
Dinghy 1 Zinc Anode Suzuki DF15 Suzuki (# removed)0
Docking 2 Batter Boards
Docking 1 bag Chaffing Gear
Docking 4 Dock lines
Electrical 1 jar Battery Terminal Coating
Electrical 0 Battery water
Electrical 1 Blower – In Line Bilge (for galley exhaust Fan) 3in Rule Model 140
Electrical Bulbs – misc
Electrical 3 Cigarette lighter outlets – 12v
Electrical 2 Cigarette lighter plug/wire
Electrical 2 Circuit breaker 15 amp
Electrical 1 Circuit breaker 5 amp
Electrical 1 Circuit breaker – red switch 30 amp
Electrical 1 Circuit breaker – white swich 30 amp
Electrical 1 Coaxial switch 600mhz Daiwa CS-2019
Electrical 3 Connector blocks
Electrical 3 Extenson Cords
Electrical 2 Fans 12v Black
Electrical 1 Fans – Muffin (Equipment Cooling) Clear SuperFan
Electrical 4 Fans – Muffin (Equipment Cooling) Black
Electrical 3 Fuse holders 30 amp
Electrical Fuses – misc
Electrical Fuses – misc
Electrical 1 Light – map 12v White
Electrical 1 Light Bulb – Running 12v 25 watt Aqua Signal 40
Electrical 1 Lights – reading 12v White
Electrical 1 Link 1000 Battery/Inverter Controller (used) Xantrex
Electrical 1 PowerPulse Battery Maintenance System PulseTech “PP-12-L 735X012
S/N 008500”
Electrical 1 Running Light (used w/ stripped screw hole) Port (Red) Aqua Signal 41
Electrical 1 Running Light Base (No lens) Aqua Signal 41
Electrical 3 Shore Power Cord
Electrical 1 Shore Power Plug Cover 50amp Marinco
Electrical 2 Shore Power Plugs – Female 30amp Marinco
Electrical Shrink tubing
Electrical 2 Solenoid-Bat

Manta 40 Manta 40
I do my best to post the most accurate information I can find, but please be aware that information here may be incorrect. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. I will update information as it becomes available.

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