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  1. 2007 LaserPerformance Vanguard 15

    January 16, 2013 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:


    Bought boat October 26, 2007 from The Boat Locker in Westport CT — raced spring/summer/fall 2008 and spring/summer 2009. (Then I got more into my Laser and moved to DC, leaving the boat on a rack (stored outside, deck down and covered)).

    New sails purchased July 24, 2009 and used in August 2009, not after that. Second set of sails purchased June 7 2007.

    Bottom cover and top cover in good condition. Stored upright on foam pads on a dock during sailing season, stored deck down and covered on a rack outside during winter. Not used since spring 2009 Blade bag yes. Tapered mainsheet yes. Tapered jib sheets no. Two jib sheets (light and heavy). Carbon fiber tiller extension. Seitech dolly. Staymasters. Jam cleat replaces horn cleat on jib halyard for extra purchase.

    Color — white.

    Equipment on Board:

    Can deliver to Annapolis MD or Washington DC or places between there and Westport CT