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  1. 1983 Cape Dory Yachts 1983 Typhoon Weekender

    October 5, 2011 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    This beauty has been happily moored / swinging freely in Smith Mountain Lake VA 84 thru 94 & Lake Mendota WI 95 thru 08; she can be seen in the 1991 comedy film What About Bob? As a moored fresh water boat all her life, she has never been tethered to a dock, nor ever experienced the uneasy rocking & banging of a shore station. However, if you must make a dock landing, she will elicit compliments. As it should be, this Typhoon only knows “good” stress i.e. underway & sailing! She has had only two owners…father and son!

    As a newer Typhoon of 27 years, this fresh water boat has been actively sailed 24 summers (84 thru 08). During her winter storage (95-07) and year long storage (08 to 11), she can be found tucked away high and dry in a post frame metal sided barn, never to experience water intrusion, freeze-thaw, nor see the light of day.

    Overall very good condition!

    Equipment on Board:

    She comes equipped with a double galvanized Long “self adjusting” Trailer (1400 miles) mostly attributed to the 1-way haul from VA to WI, the rest to and from winter storage i.e. annual launch and recovery at summers end. All Long Trailers are constructed from 3/8 inch box steel and angle irons, coated with double dip galvanized zinc; this one carries an additional synergistic surface treatment of coal-tar epoxy (CTE) for additional corrosion resistance. CTE applied below the winch mount and aft, thus underlying zinc is not depleted. With 16 rollers per adjustable stanchion (64 total) and 4 keel bed rollers, ramp launching is a breeze. For those of us that have to deal with hard water in the winter, why not pamper you boat when ashore with a high quality trailer. If moorings are not available in your area, avoid those costly slip fees and take advantage of day sailing. Easy to do with this high quality / heavy duty trailer built for the “long” haul.

    Original cabin cushions (VG). Doyle 150 Genoa & Working Jib (VG), Main (G). Fortress aluminum anchor (E) with 8 ft double galvanized chain, stainless steel swivel and 300 ft line; only anchored a few times. The Mariner 2 stroke 4hp outboard starts with 2-3 pulls, works great (E). Note heavy brass motor mount, deck and adjacent teak like new; why because this sailor is loath to use a motor, rarely deployed and only brought from below when becalmed. Thus this Typhoon has seen little prying action of a motor tugging on her deck mount. Typhoons are too graceful to hang a “stink pot” off her transom…verboten…keep her lines clean and sail’er, eh!