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2012 Happy Cat Vision

19 October, 2012 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

HAPPY CAT –  World’s First Inflatable Catamaran with 3-D Hulls
50 years of experience has produced Austria’s Happy Cat.  This excellent quality sailing vessel can be assembled in 35 minutes!
No tools required.
The Happy Cat is a catamaran with inflatable hulls combining three important criteria:
1)  Excellent sailing characteristics
2)  Assembly and disassembly in just a few minutes
3)  Low weight and small storage volume

Equipment on Board:

With a total weight of 136 lbs and capable of holding 1540 lbs. It’s hard to believe, that this boat can fit into 3 pack-bags for easy stowage at home, or transport by car, rail, or plane.

The HAPPY CAT always makes a good travel companion!  No trailer required!

Until recently, inflatable hulls were of a sausage like shape, or at best, sporting a cone styled and slightly raised bow.  Never has there been a V-shape bow!  As known from solid hull catamaran floats, only V-style (wedge shape) bows slice water efficiently.  Less bow wash resistance and friction in the water.  This ensures faster speed and less spray on board.

The 3-D hulls of Happy Cat have proved to be a sensational breakthrough.  Advanced corrugation and heat-vulcanizing technology allow the natural rubber used in the process the highest operating air pressure of all inflatable float chambers.  In contrast to inferior PVC floats, there is the additional benefit of resistance against abrasive wear.  That means longer product life, easy repair, and environmentally friendly.

Happy Cat’s excellent sailing capabilities make the inflatable very desirable and versatile.  Beginner and expert sailors benefit from the boat’s low weight and easy handling. For safety the boat has a high resistance against capsizing.  If the wind speed indicator is reading zero, then the Happy Cat acts as a perfect recreation and sun bathing or swimming platform. Un-rigged and fitted with a optional transom, the boat is a fantastic runabout. With an abundance of accessories,the HAPPY CAT can be furnished with everything one would need. It’s the ideal holiday partner for any family or sailing enthusiast.

Happy Cat Vision
I do my best to post the most accurate information I can find, but please be aware that information here may be incorrect. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. I will update information as it becomes available.

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