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2006 Island Packet Big Fish

5 October, 2011 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

The BigFish is perfect for family outings, long summer days on the water, and lots of fun, pure and simple.
Designed with cockpit room for two adults, equipped with a simple lateen rig for getting on the water quickly, and built with the highest quality standards, the BigFish will delight beginners and experts alike with fast sailing and easy handling.
While the BigFish may not be the largest boat you’ll ever own, it’s likely to be your favorite!

* Lateen rig (like a Sunfish)
* Dagger board (like a Sunfish)
* Kick up rudder (like a Sunfish)
* Room for two adults (not like a Sunfish)

Galvanized steel trailers are available for purchase.

Equipment on Board:

Island Packet Big Fish
Island Packet Big Fish
Island Packet Big Fish
Island Packet Big Fish
I do my best to post the most accurate information I can find, but please be aware that information here may be incorrect. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. I will update information as it becomes available.

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