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1989 Nonsuch 33

5 October, 2011 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

The Nonsuch is the perfect sailboat for the Sailor who wants Style and Comfort and Performance in his Sailing.

This is the famous Ljungstrom Rig which allows a single person to easily handle the driving power on this 16,500 lbs boat. This is the Rig for the Sailor who wants to sail when he wants to sail without having to line up some “strong lads” to hoist and control the canvas. You sail an afternoon, or a fortnight, as is your pleasure. When you are done, you merely drop the entire sail right into its own sail cover, no muss, no fuss.

Moored on City Island. Here is the listing.

Equipment on Board:

This 1989 Nonsuch has the famous Espar Forced-Air Heating System for comfortable, consistent warmth to help you extend your sailing season both earlier and later in the year. That means you can leave the Chesapeake after the early October Annapolis Sailboat Show heading down the InterCoastal Waterway in casual comfort.

A Paloma Instant-On Water Heater gives you all the instant hot shower water you may want, in your private shower stall with seat. A Sea Frost Engine-Driven Refrigerator gives you oodles of refrigerator and freezer space, which means you can provision less often even as you enjoy a wider choice of daily delectable eats.

A CQR Anchor, with All-Chain Rode, for a secure feeling at anchor, with an Electric Winch to gracefully bring it back up.

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