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1976 Soverel 26

19 October, 2012 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

1976 Soverel 26

This is a big 26 foot sailboat.
Overall Length: 26.2 ft
Waterline lenght: 23.9 ft
Maxi Beam: 10.1 ft
Draft: 5.0 ft
Displacement: 4750 lbs
Ballast: 2000 lbs
I 36.0 ft
J 10.8 ft
P 31.0 ft
E 8.9 ft

hull solid fiberglass
deck balsa core
Finished Well Appointed Interior

These boats are very competitive and do well when well sailed. #22 has competed in the First Coast Offshore Challenge 2007. Boat is a rocket to weather, thanks to its large keel, and goes downwind extremely well thanks to its large masthead chute. Heavy enough to blast through the chop. Wide enough to stay powered up with out excessive number of crew on the rail. Shift weight forward to reduce wetted surface for light air (upwind and down).

Equipment on Board:


155% mylar kevlar & matching main
120% mylar kevlar
170% Dacron
135% Kevlar
blade dacron
delivery main dacron
one light weight spinnaker
one heavy weight spinnaker
light weight 4 horsepower mariner racing outboard
2003 Mercury 8hp delivery outboard
high tech lightweight halyards
tapered spinnaker sheets
Raymarine Auto Tiller

Soverel 26
I do my best to post the most accurate information I can find, but please be aware that information here may be incorrect. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. I will update information as it becomes available.

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