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  1. 1998 Wavepiercer Trimaran

    December 16, 2012 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    12m Solar Electric Trimaran is one-of-a-kind, professionally built in Kona, Hawaii. Written up in numerous publications including SEA MAGAZINE, The Daily Pilot and the Los Angeles Times.
    Leaves virtually no wake… even at 20 knots. Hybrid power uses very little fuel. 5-6 knots under sail, and up to 10 knots under power using new high thrust, high efficiency gasoline motor and the solar powered electric motor.

    Equipment on Board:

    27′ mast height above water, able to cross under most bridges

    Ground Tackle: Two Danforth-style anchors, 300’ total chain rode
    6’ Parachute sea anchor
    Windlass: PowerMate by Powerwinch, Model 501, 12 Volt
    1000 lb line pull, for up to 1″ line