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  1. Rocket International SAILBOAT TRAILER

    October 6, 2011 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    Rocket Internation Trailer

    Double Axle sailboat Trailer. Trailer has the capability to tow boats up to 26ft in size. Trailer was recently painted, rarely used, like new tires, brand new lights. Manual Crank. Adjustable side/height poles to accomodate different size boats. Trailer would be ideal for hauling due to its size options and double axles.

    Trailer Measurments
    18.5 ft from crank to end
    supports are 4ft apart from eachother
    axle length is 7ft
    keel rest is 8ft long and 1 ft wide
    Trailer carries 5(# removed)pounds
    Each tire carries 1870 pounds and there are 4 tires

    Please Email for questions and pictures

    Equipment on Board: