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  1. North Sails Code 0 and Spinnaker

    October 17, 2012 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    I am selling two sails suitable for 60ft yachts and bigger. They were used by the ABN Amro boat when it won the Volvo Ocean Race. It is one Code 0 (Cuben Fiber) and one Spinnaker. Below described by the manufacturer North Sails after inspection.

    ABN Sails, used but not worn out:

    Cuben Fibre, CN 22, Code 0 Fractional, ‘Fulas’
    SLU 29000, SLE 25900, SF 16500, SMG 9100 – 55%
    No logo.

    Polyester 3/2/1.5/0.9oz,
    SLU 33200, SLE 30990, SF 20800, SMG ca 100%
    3 trim sheavrons, ABN logo been cut out and ink’t over in tack and clew. Tack and top webbing need replacement, no cable but luff slot for one.

    Equipment on Board: