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  1. 2001 Home-made designerPeter A Ibold Endurance 35

    October 17, 2012 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    The ENDURANCE 35 was designed for the defunct International Amateur Boat Building Society’s (IABBS’s) International Design Competition, wich it won in 1970 from among 34 cruising designs. Hundreds have been built throughout the world in ferro-cement, wood, steel and GRP and are logging thousands of cruising miles.

    The initial design concept of the “35” was to produce a blue water cruising yacht of fairly heavy displacement with comfortable accommodation, good performance under sail, ease of handling for a small crew and pleasing look. Experience has borne out the success in realising this concept, and the ENDURANCE is quite fast, balances easily under saile, is dry and her hull has proven comfortable and seaworthy.

    Her main features are a large and comfortable aft cockpit with bridge-deck and spacious lockers, a big deckhouse enclosing the living or day area and a flush deck over the main accommodation area. The deckhouse is spacious and light, and generally a comfortable place to be whether at sea or in port. The flush deck and heavy scantlings produce an extremely strong structure with a large area for sunbathing and for safe, unobstructed deck work.

    Equipment on Board:

    Engine : Perkins 4.108
    Main mast : in wood (pine)
    Length : 42 feet
    Mizzen : in wood (pine)
    Length : 30 feet
    Propeller : 18 X 13 X 1⅜ LH
    PSS Seal : 1½
    Tank : 55 g