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  1. Custom Built Vintage Sailboat C D Mower Design

    October 17, 2012 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    The “AXA” (Young Goose)

    This vessel shows very
    attractive and classic lines.
    The Hull and Cabin Top
    are painted white.
    The Mast is box spruce construction.
    While the Deck, Cabin Sides and Cockpit all display
    a wonderful grey hue that can only be had with the
    natural weathering of the finest Teak.
    The current owner has just returned from two months of sailing in the blue waters just off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

    Equipment on Board:

    3GM Model Yanmar – Aux. Power – Installed in 1998 – about 400 hrs running time
    Neil Pride – Sails
    This vessel also has an exhaustive archive of both drawings and construction photographs
    Since its construction
    all owners of this vessel
    have been Shipwrights.