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  1. Chinese Junk balanced lug rig

    October 5, 2011 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    The “Flying Dragon” is a fully restored, museum quality, fully functional, Chinese sailing junk.

    She is perfect as a coastal cruiser, live aboard, party boat, for entertaining or as an art studio. This boat is perfect for almost any venue.
    Built on the shores of Hong Kong around 1925, she spent the majority of her life as a fishing boat. Being the Lorcha style design with a pointed prow and high stern, she was built to be sea kindly. She was bought by an airline pilot and converted into a cruiser in the 1960s. Bought by Northwest Orient Airlines, the Flying Dragon, was brought overseas to Spokane, Washington in 1974 to be the Airlines floating pavilion in the World Fair. After the fair, she saw many owners and eventually ended up in Astoria, Oregon, being used as a brothel. Being boarded up with a hot-tub in her for-peek, she sustained a lot of damage and neglect. In 2001, an acclaimed artist and sculpture with his son, restored her to her former glory with the help of Speed Carter’s boatyard in Oregon. 

 Photo documents of the work by the owner and boatyard are available. All systems are in working condition; this boat is ready to be sailed way.

    Equipment on Board:

    launch to radar, she has all you will need and much much more, too much to mention here. call for detail (# removed)