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  1. 1947 1947 Fellows and Stewart Island Clipper 44′

    October 19, 2012 by EVAN

    About this Sailboat:

    LWL: 30′
    Draft:6′ 06″
    Beam:9′ 06″
    Sail Area: 715sq ft
    Headroom 6′
    Backbone: white oak
    Deadwood: Douglas Fir
    Frames: white oak 1-3/4″ by 2″
    Planking: Douglas fir (vertical grain) to finish 1 1/8″ fastened with 2″ endeavor screws
    Clamp: Douglas fir
    Decking:Phenol fisish resin plywood bonded into a solid unit canvas covered
    House sides: philipene mahogony with 6 dead lights and a single opening port in the head
    Dog house: philipene mahogony sides with 4 ports
    8000lb ballast (external)

    Equipment on Board: