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2000 Feltz Skorpion 3

5 October, 2011 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

The yacht was built by shipyard FELTZ in Germany / Hamburg. The body was created from shipbuilding steel. The interior is exclusive. The condition of the yacht is good. The yacht has a big kitchen and a lounge and a deck saloon. The cockpit is protected by a fixed Sprayhod. In the fore Aich is a workshop. The engine compartment is large and easily accessible. Storage space is much more available.

Very exclusive interior design
Very good condition
Very well protected propeller
Very large kitchen
2 lounges
Very well protected cockpit
2 heaters
Covered cockpit with splash guard
A lot of storage space
Very large, easily accessible engine compartment

Deck Saloon
Very nice panoramic view
Chart table with corner bench
Navigation instruments
Heating Newport
Engine instruments

Huge Pantry
Taylors Petrolherd with oven
Refrigerator 120 l / 12 Volt

2 berths

Quarter berth

Double berth

Equipment on Board:

Very large, easily accessible engine compartment
Mercedes OM 602 / 5-cylinder
80 hp
Born 2000
1900 h
very sparingly, about 3.5 l / h at 6 knots
Aquadrive Rod
Titanium heat exchanger

Equipment / Accessories

Sails / Rigging
Gross battened
Jib with furling
Jib with furling
Blister 120 m2
2 insulated eight days
Mast Mast steps with about 17.5 m
2 Spibäume

Anchor equipment
Anchor Bruce 50 kg
Anchor CQR 40 Kg (copy)
Floor anchor 50 Kg
Anchor FORTRESS 37
1500 W windlass forward LOFRANS
Aft windlass 1000 W SIMPSON LAWRENCE
Chain forward 75 mm M/12
Chain rear 50 mm m/10
50 m anchor line

1000 L water (2 x 500)
Diesel 650 L (450 150)
Day tank 50 L
Fäk. tank 200 L
Petrol tank 8l

Aft approximately 1.80 m
Through approximately 1.80 m
Decksalon about 2.00 m
Toillette approximately 1.85 – 2.10 m
Pantry approximately 1.90 m
Fore approximately 1.80 m

Motor / Moteur
Mercedes OM 602
80 HP / CV
Jg / Année 2000
1900 h
3.5 L / h at 6 Kn
Titanium heat exchanger

Double berth aft
A berth in the passage
2 berths in the bow

Heaters / Stove
Diesel heater in the deck saloon TAYLORS
Diesel heater in the lounge NEWPORT
Petrol-stove with oven TAYLORS

Electric / Electronic / Navigation
Radar DEBEG 24 nm
5 Solarpanneele 200 W
World Receiver / SSB SONY
Decoder DWD
2 Hand-GPS
Main compass Sestrel
el. Compass
Schlepplog WALKER
Radio / CD / MP3
12/220 Volt
Charger 50 AH
Inverter 500 W
Batteries 2 x 220 AH / 1 x 90 AH
Barograph LUFFT

Dinghy TINKER (Can be used as a life raft)
Outboard / HB MERCURY 5 HP
Wheel steering with emergency tiller installed fixed / Roux avec barre de sécurité fix install
Desalinator / Desalinisateur PUR approximately 13 L / h
Fridge / Refrigerator 12 V 120 L
Mooring / Cordage d’ammarage about 120 m
Gangway rear / Passarelle en arrière
Equipment rack / Porte-Links
Very much small material, spare parts / Beaucoup de petits materiaux et d’échange materiaux
Water filtration / Filtres d’eau
Four oil lamps / Lampes a Pétrol

Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
Feltz Skorpion 3
I do my best to post the most accurate information I can find, but please be aware that information here may be incorrect. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. I will update information as it becomes available.

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