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1987 Precision Precision-23

5 October, 2011 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

Look no further for a handy trailer sailor. Luchador is a Precision 23 that I bought last year and have put a tremendous amount of labor and money into. I’ve used it to do some distance racing on the Chesapeake and Lake Ontario. With the new kite and the swing keel up we’ve hit 8.4 knts downwind–a respectable speed for a much larger boat!

The hull and deck have been painted this season. I rewired the boat this summer with a new panel, etc, and two marine batteries. I’ve put in go-fast gear and led the lines back to the cockpit. All new sails. A Yamaha 6hp that I bought new last year.

With the swing keel and the rudder up she draws 1’1.” We cozied up in great gunkholes in the chesapeake. Swing keel down she draw’s 4’5.” Also, the metal braces on the rudder were having some issues, I had a local welder re-weld them and fabricate some braces using marine-grade aluminum.

Precisions are surprisingly well made boats. We did the 76nm Coast Guard Foundation Race this year and made it through sqaulls that caused much of the fleet, including a 70′ racer, to drop out.
It really is a great little boat and you can tell with all the work I’ve put into it that I wasn’t planning on selling it, but I’ve been forced to relocate. I used a v6 truck to tow it and never had any issues with power.

I bought it for 10k and with just the new sails and engine I’ve put another 4k in it. With all the other new stuff, radio, halyards, etc, that’s probably another 2k.

Equipment on Board:

***New main sail by North with full top batten and aluminium headboard.***

**New 155% Geonoa by Doyle**

**New custom spinnaker by Doyle**

Custom spinnaker pole.

New 25w marine radio.

New porta potty.

An older number 3 head sail (decent shape) and an older 150% geona.

It has a little galley that I’ve never used. **brand new lifesling**
**man overboard strobe light**

Might include my gps and a handheld radio.

Halyards and spin sheets new this summer.

6 HP Yamaha (cost me $1500) last summer. Suave

Assorted goodies and lines such as anchor, coolers, nav tools.

Also, it has a single axle trailer.

Precision Precision-23
Precision Precision-23
Precision Precision-23
Precision Precision-23
I do my best to post the most accurate information I can find, but please be aware that information here may be incorrect. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. I will update information as it becomes available.

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