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1982 Hobie Hobie 18

17 October, 2012 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

1982 Hobie 18 is in very good condition and ready to cruise the beautiful coast, located 4-5 hours drive south from Tucson on a 4-lane divided highway.
I revamped the boat in Arizona 2 years ago with a new tramp, standing rigging, wings, etc., and then towed it down and cruised near San Carlos where it now sits in dry storage at Marina Seca. The sailing, coves and camping are wonderful there, but a back injury keeps me from sailing
The trailer has excellent medium-sized beach tires (and bearing buddies), but still towed at 70mph just fine. The trailer is in great shape and has a spare tire, winch, all working lights, and a full length metal box holding everything including the wings.
The wings are custom-built using an additional cross-beam 18” forward of the mast which provides space for a cooler and dry bags. Another cross-beam 12” aft of the traveler creates “lazarette” storage for light stuff. This arrangement allows really fun cruising and beach-camping with a wide open tramp. The extra beams and wings only total 22 lbs, and make for a very functional and fun cruising platform.
The mast has a carbon fiber top (with canvas cover), trapeze, new rigging, and wind indicator.
The blue hulls are in very good shape, with no soft spots. The four inspection ports are new- I added one at each rudder. The pin-striping is cosmetically challenged. Rudders and dagger boards are in fine shape. The tiller extension allows you to steer from the wings.
The sails, lines and blocks are in good condition, although the shrouds should be replaced. Jib-furler works perfectly. Righting tackle is updated.
There are a few extras, including 2 light folding anchors & rode, life jackets, med. wetsuit, masks & fins,
paddles, tools & spare parts, Sea of Cortez Cruising Guide, vol 3.
The boat is registered in Alaska, and all Import papers for Mexico are intact.
I will reluctantly sell this boat for $2900. (# removed)

Equipment on Board:

Hobie Hobie 18
I do my best to post the most accurate information I can find, but please be aware that information here may be incorrect. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. I will update information as it becomes available.

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