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1980 Hughes 31

19 October, 2012 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

Available for sale to make room for new boat, 1980 Hughes 31 sailboat with OMC saildrive rebuilt 3 years with new rings, bearings and gaskets, sleeps 5 comfortably, Dodger, Bimini and enclosed cockpit. Shroud chain plates over sized and reinforced stainless, solar vent, wheel steering pressurized water, modest sail inventory( 1 main, 2 fore sails, 1 gennaker), spinnaker pole, new porcelain head , propane stove/oven. interprotec 2000 job below water line two years ago, keel seal replaced and fared over at same time, cockpit table, stereo DVD 13″ LCD TV. Cradle. 8/10.
Available to receive offers. Lays in Kingston Ontario
Hull Type: Fin with rudder on skeg Rig Type: Masthead Sloop LOA: 31.00′ / 9.45m LWL: 24.00′ / 7.32m Beam: 9.67′ / 2.95m Listed SA: 394 ft2 / 36.6 m2 Draft (max.) 5.00′ / 1.52m Draft (min.) Disp. 9100 lbs./ 4128 kgs. Ballast: 3350 lbs. / 1520 kgs. SA/Disp.: 14.51 Bal./Disp.: 36.82% Disp./Len.: 293.87 Designer: Sparkman & Stephens Builder: Hughes Boat Works Ltd. (CAN) Construct.: FG Bal. type: First Built: 1979 Last Built: # Built: RIG DIMENSIONS KEY I: 35.50′ / 10.82m J: 12.80′ / 3.90m P: 34.00′ / 10.36m E: 9.80′ / 2.99m PY: EY: SPL: ISP: SA(Fore.): 227.20 ft2 / 21.11 m2 SA(Main): 166.60 ft2 / 15.48 m2 Total(calc.)SA: 393.80 ft2 / 36.58 m2 DL ratio: 293.87 SA/Disp: 14.50 Est. Forestay Len.: 37.74′ / 11.50m

Equipment on Board:

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