1971 Catalina 27

Added 21 January, 2013

About this Sailboat:

No doubt, Sovereignty is the most “Tricked-Out” Catalina 27 still floating. Her web site (ahsovereignty.com) will allow you to see her in detail.

I have lived aboard her for the past 28 years and have made additions annually.

She is unique and unforgettable and people stop to look her over and mention exactly where they saw her if seen previously. It could have been years ago and they still rmember her.

She and I have cruised extensively. Completed the “Great Loop” as well as all the Great Lakes, Canada, Cuba, and the Bahamas.

Equipment on Board:

The equipment list is so extensive that it cannot be fully listed in this space.

Visit ahsovereignty.com to read a detailed list of most of her modifications.

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