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1939 Geerd Hendel Whistler

5 October, 2011 by EVAN

About this Sailboat:

One-of-a-kind sailboat. Possibly the oldest aluminum sailboat in the world. Needs lots of work but has potential to be a really great boat. The Whistler, designed by Geerd Hendel and built just before WWII, was the only boat built to this design. After WWII started, the Navy took the boat to test out the effects of salt water on aluminum-hulled boats and sunk the Whistler. The boat spent some time under water and then got hauled out and turned into a recreational sailboat. I started work on the boat and have run out of time to complete the project. The hull had one piece that was corroded from electrolysis and I had to remove the keel to take off that piece of aluminum. The keel is wooden with a big hunk of lead at the bottom. I Would be happy to answer any questions.

Equipment on Board:

Geerd Hendel Whistler
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